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news flash: sddms supersedes sdms

Like any proud coder, I should show off some media attention and possibly give you some insight in what others think of SDMS.

"Very Good. (4.28 out of 5 chillies)"


"This simple document management system is exactly what it says it is--simple. It's simple to install; it's simple to use. I've seen document management systems and while this one doesn't seem to have all the flair of some others, it works exceedingly well. The nicest part is that it uses a web browser. That document you need that's half way around the world is now accessible. Of course, if it's a sensitive document, you'll want to use a secure web server. It uses ACLs, so you can restrict who can do what with the documents. Requires: MySQL, web server with PHP4 and MySQL support, a web browser."

- The Linux Journal (Focus on Software column)

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