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news flash: sddms supersedes sdms

22 Feb 2006 - When googling I found CVE-2005-3877. Versions 1.1.5 and csv-2.0a fix these issues. The CVS tarball also includes additional fixes.

16 Mar 2005 - Development is underway on a new version. (It's been a while :-)

15 Aug 2004 - This site is now running on a new production server with a fast internet link.

30 Dec 2002 - We now have a FAQ!

28 Feb 2002 - SDMS runs fine on PHP 4.1.2, so if you are affected by the PHP File Upload bug, please update your PHP as soon as possible.

26 Feb 2002 - Version 2.0 is not far off now!

1 Feb 2002 - Looks like I will finally have some time to do some SDMS development this month. I will likely start when i finish writing Cease & Decist letters to various companies selling modifies SDMS versions.

23 Jan 2002 - The support section of the site had been dead for ages. I've now set up mailing lists, which are not subject to Java randomness and should thus work better. (And at all)

20 Sep 2001 - The support section of the site is back online; servlets are now hosted on a different server, which seems to not have issues.

6 Sep 2001 - I have written an abstract database handler for the stable SDMS version. MySQL works fine and I am currently adding in PostgreSQL support.

23 Aug 2001 - I have now received several modified versions of SDMS and I will try to merge all changes back into the main repository.

11 Aug 2001 - Back from a months holidaying in Europe. Getting over jetlag.

27 Mar 2001 - Finally managed to get the server stable. Turns out the Intel piix ide chipset doesn't like the aic7880 scsi controller much, making the system load skyrocket whenever hda was accessed. Should be fixed now though, so the website will be up for more than 2 minutes at a time.

6 Mar 2001 - Updated the current development version to 1.2-alpha. I've started adding folder admin support and fixed a few oversights in old version. You can get the development version via CVS from here. Also updated some screenshots for the new version.

28 Feb 2001 - After too many questions about a download for version 1.1.5: It is not stable yet and will not be distributed until it is.

18 Feb 2001 - Upgraded to Apache 1.3.17. No issues.

13 Feb 2001 - Fixed a security bug in the demo.

25 Jan 2001 - Upgraded to PHP 4.0.4pl1. No issues. Preparing for BBQ on Australia day.

21 Jan 2001 - Even though the demo runs development version 1.1.5, it is nowhere near ready for release yet. Be patient :)

16 Jan 2001 - Upgraded MySQL to version 3.23.30-gamma. No issues.

11 Jan 2001 - After installing Jakarta-Tomcat I have set up Jive as a support forum for SDMS. Curently there is only the Installation Support forum but I will add more if there is a demand for them.

9 Jan 2001 - Looking at some support forum software I can use for SDMS without having to write my own.

5 Jan 2001 - Version 1.1.4 is up for download. It fixes a bug in the search results page and adds support for c source and header files.

11 Dec 2000 - After 4 days of oblivion we seem to have managed to convince our telco that a billing address change does not mean we would like our ISDN service terminated.

17 Nov 2000 - Version 1.1.3 is up for download. It allows any users to add new documents, as it should. Seems I had better not have a few beers before releasing new versions :)

17 Nov 2000 - Version 1.1.2 is up for download. It fixes a nasty bug in the user administration form.

16 Nov 2000 - Version 1.1.1 is up for download. It fixes a nasty bug in the log listing.

16 Nov 2000 - Version 1.1 is up for download!

16 Nov 2000 - The OpenBSD mysql port is broken; migrated back. The new demo version is up and running. Logins are now handled via the PHP4 session module and cookies.

15 Nov 2000 - The MySQL Server is now a remote OpenBSD machine. Let's see if it still works at it should.

22 Oct 2000 - Seems the MySQL server didn't much like the upgrade to glibc-2.1.95 so the demo has probably been offline for a day or so. A new MySQL seems to have fixed the problem.

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