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news flash: sddms supersedes sdms

So, what does the system actually look like? Does it use MS Comic Sans as font?

Document details

The document info screen (30 Kb)

This page is the main interface to your document. Depending on your access rights you can edit the document, edit the document's ACL, delete the document, or just download the document.


Edit document

The document edit screen (33 Kb)

If you have GOD mode access to a document, you can edit a few properties such as description, author and maintainer on this page.

Edit ACL

The ACL modification screen (22 Kb)

If you have GOD mode access to a document, you can also modify the ACL for a document and assign access rights for all users.

The Folder Administration screen (35 Kb)

Yet again GOD mode only. You can edit/delete and move folders all over the system with this screen.

The Forum Administration screen (25 Kb)

And you guessed it, more GOD mode stuff. You can edit chat forums with this screen.

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